Globalization, technological change, changing market environments: These developments have been changing our understanding of companies, leadership, and work organization for some time resulting in a faster work pace and growing pressure on executives, management and employees. As our world becomes increasingly complex, companies have a growing need for collaboration, empowerment, and participation to ensure business success in the future.

Business coaching as a component of personnel development

Today more than ever, specialists and managers need professional, social, personal, and systemic competencies to manage this growing complexity. They also need mental strength and a healthy self-perception to master stressful situations with confidence.

As a business coach, I am a sparring partner for specialists and managers in the further development of personal, social and methodological competencies that have been defined as relevant in advance in a personnel development concept with the company.

Personnel development through reflection and change of perspective.

In times of professional stress, increasing complexity, change and upheaval, I support specialists and managers in reflecting on their professional situation, their role and their behavior in a trusting and appreciative atmosphere. I help them to develop new perspectives and to find their very own, suitable solution in line with their own values.

Good leadership is key to the success of your company.

A major focus of my work is on shaping “good work”. Managers play a central role in creating a sustainable working environment. Good leadership is needed to leverage the full innovation potential of employees for corporate success. Unfortunately, managers are still often confronted with conflicting role expectations, or they administrate their area instead of leading it.

Good leaders retain employees.

Good leadership and leadership communication are needed to retain employees: One in two employed people would quit because of dissatisfaction with their manager, according to a German study in 2023; among those under 40, 56 percent would quit because of poor leadership. As a business coach, I support managers in developing their leadership and communication skills. My work as a coach incorporates my many years of corporate and leadership experience and my expertise as an organizational developer and communications expert. As a business coach, I help executives develop their leadership and communication skills. My work as a coach incorporates my many years of corporate and leadership experience and my expertise as an organizational developer and communications expert.

My service is addressed to:


Would you like to qualify your specialists and managers for new and complex tasks and changes? Would you like to back up the onboarding process of your newly hired employees? With coaching you promote employee talent and motivation, help them reach their full potential retaining them in the long term.

Managers and Specialists

Are you new in your role? Would you like to work on your personal and social competencies as a manager or specialist? Are you confronted with conflict and change and looking for an effective solution? Coaching starts with your attitude and your values. Your self-perception is an essential factor for successful leadership.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs

Do you feel like a lone fighter searching for a sparring partner for strategically relevant issues and upcoming business decisions? Coaching brings you focus and clarity for healthy business development.

Contact me with these requests:

  • Leadership competencies and tools
  • Leadership communication
  • Leadership during change and transformation
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Support with upcoming decisions
  • Solving conflicts with employees and in the team
  • Clarification of role conflicts and value conflicts
  • Support in the development of ideas and visions
  • Sparring partner for strategy development
  • Support of onboarding processes
  • work-life-balance
  • Self-management and self-care
  • Professional reorientation: Assessing your profile, defining your professional goal, preparing and supporting the application process.
  • Starting again: The second career. 

Coaching sessions in English, German and online (via MS Teams) are possible at any time.