A moderator provides meeting structure and methodology. This allows you to fully concentrate on the subject.

Business Moderation

How often have you participated in meetings or workshops that took a lot of time but did not produce valuable exchange and concrete results?

A major focus of my work is the design of “good work” which means the creation of a productive working environment. The term “New Work” stands for a profound change in the way we work together. As our world becomes increasingly complex, the need for collaboration, empowerment and participation is growing in companies. Workshops – face-to-face or digital – can be an important tool in this context to harness the diverse know-how and creative energy of your employees for your business.

A moderator guides the process and allows you to fully concentrate on the subject

External business moderation can support you in leading your group conversations to concrete decisions and results. As an expert for the goal, time and methodology, I will accompany you in your discussion process. With my experience in group dynamics and conflict resolution, I create the space for an open, appreciative atmosphere so that you can concentrate fully on the subject of your meeting.

As a moderator and facilitator, I can draw on my many years of corporate experience in strategic market development and communication, my leadership experience and my expertise as a trainer and organizational developer.

My service is addressed to companies

Do you want a strategy meeting that offers a real exchange and looks openly ahead instead of ending in a PowerPoint battle? Are you planning a qualitative customer survey by conducting group discussions led by a neutral moderator? Would you like to clarify goals, responsibilities and processes in a team development workshop, resolve existing conflicts and avoid future conflicts? With external business moderation you ensure a goal and result-oriented work process that motivates and includes all participants equally, regardless of hierarchy.

I will gladly submit an individual offer for your

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Team development workshops
  • Conflict Moderation
  • Trend workshops and focus group discussions with your customers
  • Expert Roundtables