Master change and complexity with systemic organizational development.

Organizational Development

You know how it is: After an analysis by external consultants, the causes of the organization’s problems are revealed. Consultants develop solutions which are then quickly implemented by the employees. At least that’s the idea. It would be great if it were that simple.

In reality, these external solutions are often not implemented because they were not developed by the employees themselves. The consequence: This classic consulting approach often fails because of employee resistance, lack of transparency and lack of communication. However, classic consulting has loyal supporters in Germany.

Change your change management:
With systemic organizational development.

Systemic organizational development takes a different path. It has an organic and holistic understanding of organization as a man-made, living system with its own dynamics. For sustainable development, it includes all social and cultural aspects of an organization in the process.

Accompany the organization to change itself.

My work as an organizational developer is based on process consulting and participation: As an expert for the change process, methodology and group dynamic processes, I accompany your organization in its efforts to change itself.
The change is carried, designed, and implemented by your employees themselves. Ultimately, the decisive factor is whether your employees understand the meaning and purpose of the changes, whether they approve of them, and finally, if they implement them in everyday business.

The culture of your company is a competitive asset.

A key focus of my work is on shaping “good work,” i.e., the creation of a sustainable work culture. The concept of “New Work,” which is often cited in Germany, means more than nicely designed office equipment, agile methodology, fruit baskets, or flexible working time models. This term stands for a profound change in the way we work together. As our world becomes increasingly complex, there is a growing need for collaboration, empowerment, and participation within companies.

A sustainable corporate culture retains talent.

Today’s work culture must create an environment that meets the changing needs and values of employees while serving the goals of the business. This also has an impact on the staffing situation: Companies will only successfully attract and retain talent if they have a culture that enables development and participation. As an experienced organizational and communications consultant, I am happy to accompany companies and executives in developing their culture for the future.

My service is addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups

I see myself as a sparring partner for small and medium-sized companies and am committed to your sustainable business success. I stand for pragmatic and implementable concepts that deliver what they promise and which reflect the trends of today’s labor market and changing social values.

As a experienced organizational and communications consultant, coach and trainer, I am an expert in organizational development, corporate culture and transformation processes.

In my work as a consultant, I contribute my many years of corporate experience in the areas of strategic market development, marketing and communications, and my leadership expertise as a former manager in global corporations and medium-sized companies.

I will gladly submit an individual offer for your

  • Development, change and innovation projects
  • development of your future-oriented company culture
  • Team and ledership development
  • Development of strategy and objectives
  • Strategies for internal and leadership communication
  • Optimization of business processes and interface management
  • Reallocation of resources and tasks
  • Resolution of team conflicts, conflicts between teams and company units
  • Employee Engagement: analyze and increase in employee satisfaction and motivation