Recruiting and personnel development is future-oriented and evidence based

Personnel Consulting

The shortage of skilled personnel cuts across all industries. This makes recruitment difficult and miscasts fatal. In the future, companies (and HR consultants) must consistently look for potential. As German psychologist Martin Kersting put it, it’s no longer a question of whether a person fits the job, but rather what job they fit and what they can achieve with systematic skill development.*

* Kersting, Martin: Management-Diagnostik in Zeiten des Personalmangels, in: Sarges, Werner (Hrsg.), Management-Diagnostik, 4. Aufl., Göttingen, S. 524ff.

Personnel selection for the future of your business

When the pool of applicants is empty, vacancies should ideally not be considered acutely and in isolation but filled in the context of future competence requirements. This means that people are recruited who already possess the competitive skills of tomorrow and have a relevant mindset and cultural fit.

Valuable for both sides: aptitude diagnostics

Using scientifically based methods such as aptitude diagnostics, we can ensure that the skills, interests, and personality traits do match the requirements of the position and the corporate culture. This minimizes the risk of misplacement – an advantage that, incidentally, is also greatly appreciated by applicants. Cultural fit is right at the top of their wish list.

Personnel marketing: Treat your candidates like your customers.

Getting candidates excited about a job is like selling a product. Like a purchase decision, it involves the classic path from awareness of the employer brand to interest in the company and its open positions to conversion, i.e. the application and signing of the contract.

Elements of a personnel marketing strategy


  • candidate groups (needs, tonality)
  • corporate culture, values, benefits
  • competence models, requirement profiles


  • positioning of the employer brand
  • selecting appropriate channels
  • content strategy


  • candidate-centric communications
  • employees as corporate influencers
  • network building, social recruiting

This requires a credible positioning of the employer brand that makes corporate culture, values, development opportunities and benefits an authentic experience. And it requires networking and relationship building with potential candidates and addressing them individually. HR work in companies therefore needs a good dose of support from marketing.

Close skill gaps with personnel development

How can skill gaps also be closed? With “upskilling” measures, i.e. improving or expanding the skills, qualifications and knowledge of your existing employees. Personnel development can cover competency requirements to keep up with the latest trends in your industry, use internal resources more efficiently, and on top of that, it strengthens employee loyalty to your company.

Business coaching: an effective tool for employee retention and development.

My focus as a coach and trainer is on the effective integration of employees during the onboarding process. Such coaching support is useful for new placements from outside and for internal promotions or role changes. Also, I accompany specialists and managers in the further development of important personal, social and methodological skills for the future success of your company.

My service is addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups

I see myself as a sparring partner for small and medium-sized companies and am committed to your sustainable business success. I stand for pragmatic and implementable concepts that deliver what they promise, and which reflect the trends of today’s labor market.

In my work as a consultant, I contribute my many years of corporate experience in the areas of strategic market development, marketing and communications, and my expertise as personnel consultant, coach and trainer.

I will gladly submit an individual offer for:

  • the development of your personnel marketing strategy
  • the identification of key competencies and the development of future-oriented competency models and requirement profiles for recruiting and personnel development
  • recruiting of executive and expert positions in cooperation with Hellmund.Die Personalberater
  • an evidence-based aptitude diagnostics for internal and external candidates
  • a business coaching for specialists and executives as an element of personnel development and retention